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About The Game:

  • Team: ZombieCat Productions

  • Project Duration: April 2016

  • Engine: Unreal 4

  • Platform: PC

  • Gameplay Video:

  • In "Way of the Drunken Samurai" the player takes control over an inebriated samurai who can morph his hands into various weapons. The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible in one of the 3 playable arenas.

  • This game was created in 23 (non consecutive) hours over a weekend, with a team of 6 people.

  • This game was an entry for the Ludum Dare #35 game jam in April 2016. The game can be played at the following link:

My Contribution

  • Designing the combat system

  • Balancing

  • Designing & implementing the UI/UX

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