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    In my second year of studies at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, I had joined the NHTV MoCap Management Team. As part of this team I was responsible with handling, setting up and performing routine maintenance checks on the Motion Capture Hardware, as well as organizing and supervising shoots for numerous NHTV student projects.

     I had joined the team shortly after NHTV had purchased a facial Motion Capture kit from Faceware Tech. This way I was able to gain experience in both Body and Facial Motion Capture technology.

Body Motion Capture - ROLES

  • Shoot Supervisor

  • Laptop Operator

  • Suit Protector

  • Shoot-list Manager

  • Suit Maintenance

  • Client Liaison

  • Instructor

Facial Motion Capture - ROLES

  • Shoot Supervisor

  • Hardware Operator

  • Data Clean-up/Tracking

  • Instructor

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