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Skills Gained

  • Faceware ProHD Headcam maintenance

  • Hardware Setup 

  • Tracking Facial Motion Capture Data in Faceware Analyzer

  • Retargetting MoCap Data through Faceware Retargetter in Autodesk Maya 

  • Gained more experience defining and iterating upon pipelines


  • Ensure communication between the NHTV Motion Capture Team and client teams

  • Supervise Facial Motion Capture Shoots

  • Establish the initial Facial Motion Capture Pipeline

  • Instruct NHTV Motion Capture Team members on how the System and Pipeline function

Additional Information:

     For Facial Motion Capture, I have worked with the Faceware ProHD Headcam system. This system was purchased around the same time I had joined the team, and nobody within the MoCap Team had any experience with it. Because of this, I was assigned to identify how the system works and establish a pipeline for it.
I had participated in all the test shoots that were held by the MoCap Team, where I would set up and operate the recording equipment and afterwards I would track the raw data in Faceware Analyzer.

     Later, besides participating in the shoots scheduled by the team, I was also tasked with instructing the new team members on how the system works and how everything should be handled, since I was the first team member to fully understand how the system works in terms of hardware, software and process. 

     In April 2017, I had supervised the school's first mixed body and facial motion capture shoot. A fourth year student, for his graduation project wanted to include facial animation to a previous animation he worked on during his internship. Myself and two other members of the NHTV MoCap Team provided the motion capture services for this shoot. Since the Xsens suit uses a headband for the head sensor, we had to use paper tape to secure the sensor directly on the Faceware helmet, as the headband would not fit.

mocap face.jpg

Setup during the mixed body and facial shoot

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