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Skills Gained

  • Xsens Suit maintenance

  • Hardware Setup

  • Motion Capture Software Skills: MVN Studio

  • Retargetting MoCap Data: Autodesk MotionBuilder

  • Minor improvement to my acting and directing skills


  • Facilitate communication between the NHTV Motion Capture Team and client teams

  • Set up the Motion Capture equipment before scheduled shoots

  • Assist shoots as prop master

  • Operate the recording computer during shoots

  • Instruct new team members on how the Motion Capture Hardware, Software and Pipeline function

Additional Information:

     For Body Motion Capture, I have worked with the Xsens Suit. In terms of hardware, I am familiar with rewiring the suit, equipping the actor with the suit, and setting up the recording computer. In terms of software I am familiar with MVN Studio and I acted as computer operator for a few test shoots within the NHTV MoCap Team. Additionally I had also acted as MoCap Supervisor during two presentations held by the MoCap Team. As supervisor, my task was to ensure that the presentation would go according to plan, and that the team members that volunteered had clearly defined tasks.
     During the second presentation, I also had the opportunity to wear the suit and perform the choreography that was planned for that event. Since we were streaming the captured data onto a rig in MotionBuilder, I was able to see my performance in real time. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of what the limitations of the suit are and how to exaggerate certain moves, so that they would be recorded better.

mocap body.jpg

Part of the performance during the second presentation

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