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About The Game:

  • Team: Flat Sushi

  • Project Duration: April - June 2016

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Platform: PC

  • Website:

  • "Akuma No Mori" was intended to convey a feeling of unease to the player, in order to act as an allegory for early adulthood. 

  • The player would take control over a human-like character that would explore an uncanny and disturbing world, collecting plants that would trigger memories, providing the purpose of their quest.

  • This game was developed by a team of 7 people within 8 weeks.

My Contribution

  • Building the final area in the game

  • Design narrative elements & their delivery methods

  • Defining the flow of the game

  • Creating particle systems

  • Bug Tracking and fixing

  • Research into framing key game elements

  • Research into creating a meaningful experience, by using a limited set of mechanics

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