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About The Game:

  • Team: Time2Duel Productions

  • Project Duration: February - April 2016

  • Engine: Unity 5

  • Platform: Samsung Gear VR

  • Trailer:

  • "The Guilds of Gwenethan" uses the camera from a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone in order to detect the patterns on the cards and then spawn an animated 3D character over the live feed on the cards in the field. The two phones are connected to a WiFi network, that way allowing the game to be played in real-time.

  • This game was developed by a team of 18 people, over a duration of 8 weeks and received significant interest from Samsung.

My Contribution

Throughout this project I was heavily invested in production. My main focus was risk management and team communication. The biggest challenge I was faced with was handling a communication error within the art department of the team. In order to solve this issue, I had proposed meetings with individual artists, in order to identify how we could ensure that updates were provided on a regular basis. Thankfully, this issue was resolved during the fourth week of the project and we were only forced to make a minor adjustment to the scope of the game.

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